Unlike most other Special Constabularies, Hertfordshire offers its Special Constables the opportunity to work with specialist policing teams

Aside from ‘response policing’ there is the opportunity to take part in other diverse duties. This can range from working in the Child Sexual Exploitation Unit, the Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit and Prisoner Handling Teams.

Hertfordshire Constabulary was the first to train and develop Special Constables who have ICT skills and deploy them with specialist detectives from the Public Protection Unit to carry out risk management home visits to registered sex offenders living in the community.

Officers with ICT skills can also work alongside Cyber Crime teams to deliver online safeguarding and crime prevention advice, and these Specials have also been deployed operationally, following recent ransom ware attacks on public organisations.

Special Constables who take on these specialist roles will still need to complete all of the necessary introductory training to become a police officer and be considered as fit for independent patrol.

The opportunity to gain experience in this variety of specialist departments, at hours and dates to suit you, is uniquely available to the Special Constabulary.

Meet our Specials


Buying Administration Supervisor

What does your full-time job entail?

My job entails managing a team of up to 15 people. I oversee the processing of menswear orders for a large retail corporation and make sure they are accurate, on time and of high quality.

What made you apply to become a Special Constable?

I've always wanted to join the police since I was a child but I enjoy my current job. Being able to do both was a great way for me to see if it the job was right for me and if I was right for the job. I've also always had a strong moral compass, so the role was a natural move for me.

How did you find the training? Was there anything you were nervous about and how did you find it?

I loved training, it was great fun. I made some amazing friends on the course. We became a mini family and we all still speak regularly now. The training was difficult as there is a huge amount of self-learning and the time commitment is high. However, when you get through that, you are set up to regularly commit time on a monthly basis. The role plays did make me nervous but the training team were really good and the role plays were actually a huge part in our learning so I'm glad we did them. The best part of the whole training was PST (personal safety training). That was so much fun!

Where do you work?

I'm based in Watford and I'm assigned to an Response team. We respond to emergency 999 calls and I generally work with the same specials and regular officers which is great.

How do you find the balance between work, personal life and being a Special Constable?

It can sometimes be a struggle and it can be tiring but I've never regretted doing a shift. The rewards outweigh the negatives. My work schedule is consistent which makes it easier and my friends and family understand that it is another job for me and are understanding when I need to work. My partner is also incredibly supportive and is flexible with our plans to fit around my shifts. He even knows my shift pattern!

Do you find the skills you've gained as a Special have helped your career, and vice versa?

Definitely, one of the main skills I've developed is being able to deal with difficult conversations. Working in a retail head office and leading a team means that I often have conversations that can be difficult. Since working as a Special I've readjusted my view on what a difficult conversation really is, having had some on duty, which has meant I'm far more confident and not fazed at work…

What do you like about being a Special Constable?

I love being part of a vital team that really makes a difference. Being able to do something for society, as well as myself, is really rewarding. You're also not distinguishable between a Special and a regular police officer, and that really makes you feel a part of the team and it's easier to execute the job.

What has been your most memorable incident?

This is difficult as I've learnt a lot from every incident and shift I have had. I think my first arrest will always be the most memorable as it's the first time you are executing a ‘power' or right that you've never had before. Detaining a person and taking them to custody is a huge decision that you don't take lightly so I think every arrest will be memorable in a way.

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