Hertfordshire is leading the way nationally with a 'Career Pathways' scheme for Special Constables.

This initiative creates more opportunities for our volunteer police officers.

For many years Hertfordshire Specials have been deployed in frontline policing teams, including:

  • Response


  • Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT)

    Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT)

  • Road Policing Unit

    Road Policing Unit

  • Operational Support Unit

    Operational Support Unit

  • The Warrants & Bail Team

    The Warrants & Bail Team

Career pathways offers the chance to gain experience within specialisms including:

Rural Policing

Rural Policing

Operation Scorpion

Operation Scorpion

Operation Scorpion

Plain clothes duties, proactively targeting those who commit burglaries, robberies, drug and vehicle-related crime



Investigative Support

Investigative Support

Investigative Support

Including safeguarding, cyber, modern slavery and human trafficking and Major Crime Unit.

Each pathway has a structured training programme and aims to further boost closer integration with regular officers.

The project launched in 2019 as part of a national pilot scheme, funded by the Police Transformation Fund.

Meet a Career Pathway Special

It's actually a plain-clothed covert Special - anonymous because he has to be.

Operation Scorpion Special Mark*

(not using his real identity as Op Scorpion often work covertly)

It's 6am on a dark January Friday morning, we briefed an hour ago and here I am only five days after completing my method of entry training – we're ready to breach the front door of a suspected drug dealer.

My heart is pounding, I'm nervous but I'm ready. One enforcer, four knocks and I'm first in with short shield in hand, past the dogs, headed for the bedroom, shouting 'Police, with a warrant!'

I'm still shouting: 'Show me your hands, show me your hands' when his hands appear from under his duvet and just as quick I've got the cuffs on: he's shocked, I'm relieved – the search commences.

Class A and B drugs found, multiple rocks and wraps, two arrested for possession with intent to supply and the rest of my Scorpion team are 'happy with that'.

One of, if not THE best shift I've ever had, the 3am alarm call was definitely worth it and 12 hours later I'm home with a large glass of red!

Benefits of Career Pathways

To Specials

  • Closer working with regular officers and teams:
    More opportunities and extra support
  • Valued contribution:
    Their work is even more valued and appreciated
  • More training opportunities:
    Extra high quality training, including courses previously reserved for regular officers
  • Development opportunities:
    The chance to take on varied duties and specialise if they wish

To Hertfordshire Constabulary

  • Closer Working:
    Special Constables and regular officers work to deliver force aims together
  • Added support to teams:
    Thanks to their extra training, Specials support a mix of frontline and specialist police teams, to improve capacity across all areas of policing
  • Trained professionals:
    People coming into policing are able to use and develop their existing skillsets, eg languages, safeguarding experience, investigative background.
  • Recruitment and retention:
    With this much variety on offer, Career Pathways is a real incentive to join and stay a Special!

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