What is a Special Constable?

A Special Constable is a part-time, voluntary police officer with all the same powers as regular police officers.

Specials come from all walks of life and volunteer their spare time for a minimum of 16 hours a month. They are highly trained and play an essential role in preventing, reducing and tackling crime and keeping the communities of Hertfordshire safe.

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Special Constable Roles

Local Response

Local Response Team Special Constable

The majority of Specials in Hertfordshire work within a response team …

Rural Special Constables

Rural Special Constable

Working alongside the force's Rural Operation Support Team (ROST) and local Safer Neighbourhood Teams …

As a Special Constable, your duties will mainly involve:

  • Responding to and attending emergency calls from the public
  • Carrying out arrests or reporting individuals for offences
  • Preventative patrols
  • Conducting searches of individuals and their property
  • Providing initial support to victims and witnesses and assessing their need for further support
  • Managing conflict
  • Conducting enquiries

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ESP - Employer Supported Policing

A national and local initiative, ESP provides businesses with the opportunity to forge closer links with their local policing teams. By supporting employees who volunteer as Special Constables, the employer and its staff benefit from police training and experience - equipping both with transferable skills that can be used in the workplace.

In his plan Commissioner Lloyd has encouraged businesses across Hertfordshire to support Employer Supported Policing, he says: "Keeping Hertfordshire safe is everybody's' business and organisations can play their part by supporting employees to become Special Constables. I hope that we will also bring all serving Specials in Hertfordshire onto the scheme."

ESP also allows police to learn about the issues which matter to local businesses and offers benefits in terms of staff development. Some supporters of the ESP scheme in Hertfordshire include: Barclays, Openreach BT and Which?

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  • Personal responsibility

  • Resilience

  • Customer focus

  • PLUS Many More!

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